Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Long time, no blog

It has been quite a while since I last posted, but I have a good excuse; it is such a good excuse that it may be classified as a REASON. That reason is: instant menopause. Oh wait, that is just a result of the reason. OK, here it is. I had a hysterectomy. At 34. (Ok, ok, *almost* 35...but that is another subject entirely.)

I had been having issues with my "reproductivity" pretty much since I got back into the swing of things after my youngest child was born. After "waiting to see" how things went and trying this or that for a couple of years, it was decided that it was time for that final action. Being from a large Catholic family, I admit it was very strange to think that I would *only* have four children. EVER. Part of me had known this for a while, but to actually be able to say it, with absolute certainty, was a little frightening. Why it should be so scary, I don't really know. My husband and I had been using Natural Family Planning for various reasons since after our second child was born. Owing to these reasons, I sort of knew that there wouldn't be any more kids for us, but now I KNEW, and it made me a little sad. I guess I just liked knowing that I could be a vessel for bringing new life to the world if God had so chosen to bless me. Now I will never be pregnant again.

Now for the upside...I never have to deal with the monthly issues again. EVER! (Well, except for with my two daughters...)

I never have to be pregnant again. (Yes, I know that this is counter to what I said above, but let's be honest. Pregnancy is not always sunshine and roses. My last one certainly wasn't!)

I never have to change diapers again. I know I probably will, but I no longer feel responsible for the diapering of a child. (Our youngest is nearly 5 years old.)

I am done with potty-training FOREVER!!! (WOOHOO!!!)

I have been able to purge a lot of equipment from my house. I am no longer holding onto the baby crib, baby clothes, baby toys, baby bathtub, baby bath ring, stroller, newborn car get the idea. I have, however, kept the Boppy. The Boppy has been taken over by our new kitten, pictured below.

I got a new kitten!!! this was my consolation for not having any more human babies.

I could probably go on, but I think I have illustrated my point well enough. I may need to check this list now and then to remind myself of the beneifts of this business, and I am sure it will always help get me past the dark side effects; such as hot flashes and mood sWiNgS.