Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have you ever experienced a wonderful moment of musical irony? I was recently on my way to make a Mary Kay delivery to a customer who happens to work at the Napa State Hospital.

I actually have a few customers who work there, so I have been on the grounds many times. There are several old buildings that have been preserved and are still in use, though maybe not what they were originally intended for, and I love going there and feeling like I have stepped back in time. I have joked to myself, (yes, I talk to myself...a lot) that I wouldn't mind living there. This brings up memory of an old Robin Williams stand-up routine performed in San Francisco. In one segment, he talks about driving past the hospital and how he knows they are watching him and saying "You'll be here soon!" or something like that. I have that scene play in my head nearly every time I pass by, and I always have to chuckle.

On this last visit, I was enjoying the quiet (meaning no kids in the car) and singing along with the radio when I suddenly had to laugh. As I was coming up to the hospital, I found myself singing "The lunatic is on the grass...the lunatic is in my head".

I think the day we stop finding these moments funny is when we might indeed need to pay a visit to the state hospital.

Have you ever had any funny experiences like this?

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